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I hated wearing my mask, until I found out that’s the best way to adapt in this challenging environment.

Safe-Distancing Ambassadors in Singapore
Safe-Distancing Ambassadors in Singapore
Safe Distancing Ambassadors in Singapore. Photo by grainfalls on Unsplash

Up till recently, I would shun away from people wearing face covering in public (for non-religious reasons): They are emblematic of mystery and terror. Covering masks to me used to be the Twitter egg avatar in the Twitter-less era. Hiding in anonymity, people in masks have more chances to strike fear and create trouble to the community. Loan sharks wear masks. Terrorists wear masks. Even bank robbers, not excluding those fictional ones, wear masks too. (Yes I watched La Casa de…

Photo by Nathaniel Yeo on Unsplash

A piece of diamond with water that gushes down at its center. Trees that seem to have overly steely determination to reach out for the sky. A ship that is washed ashore but seems to have stuck more than 50-storey above ground.

There is no need to try so hard to be pretty, Singapore.

It’s okay to look slightly in shambles, with each of the different “town” keeps its particular, seemingly antiquated character. Tiong Bahru used to retain its pre-war and post-colonial architecture, without being disturbed by hipster cafes and slick-cut baristas creating latest latte art. Queensway Shopping Mall might…

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